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Student Opportunities (The iMedia Gig Board)

This page includes the opportunities and initiatives available to Interactive Media MA students.

iMedia Weekly Newsletter

Many efforts have been made to amplify the type of work being done in the interactive media field, and newsletters are one of the ways to maintain engagement among alumni and the industry. A weekly newsletter would help to establish our Interactive Media program as a central resource for knowledge in the field. A prototype newsletter was created last year.

Eye on iMedia

A periodic blog presence written by current students.

Better Alamance

Better Alamance is an initiative led by Derek Lackaff with support from William Moner. The project has three main components: Ideas, an Alamance County Wiki, and Better Alamance Stories. A volunteer database has been created for volunteer opportunities in Alamance County.

The project would benefit from a comprehensive strategic approach and we would enjoy meeting with anyone who wants to bring their creative energies to the project of creating a Better Alamance.

Code for America Brigades

The Piedmont region of North Carolina has two main Code for America brigades operating out of Raleigh and Greensboro. Contact William Moner for details.