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Before starting your iMedia studies, there are a couple items that you’ll need to make sure you have. We’ve provided a list of them, with a brief explanation, some things to consider, and a URL to an example. Please note the items linked to are just examples and you are not required to have that exact item.

Suggested Equipment

External Hard Drive

  • You will be dealing with lots of digital files, and with MacBooks coming with smaller and smaller solid-state and hybrid drives these days, you’ll need somewhere to store and transport your files.

  • Size does matter! The larger the storage capacity, the better. You're going to have a lot of files by the time you're done. At the bare minimum, a 1TB drive would probably get you through the year, but you can't go wrong with more space. You’ll also be transporting your external hard drive back and forth between home, campus, and classes. So chose something small and durable: a portable external hard drive, not a desktop external hard drive.
  • Be sure to verify that the external hard drive has the right connection type for your computer. Newer MacBook’s have USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connections.
  • We use Silicon Power brand external hard drives on our fly-in trips and they have been worth the investment.
  • LaCie Rugged hard drives are also popular

Thunderbolt Cable (optional accessory)

  • Thunderbolt technology supports fast data transfers with two independent channels of 10Bv/s each.
  • There will be many times when you’ll want to display your MacBook on the larger iMacs in the computer lab when working, developing, testing, or exhibiting. The Thunderbolt cable will allow you to do just that. You’ll also want to use this if you have a Thunderbolt enabled external hard drive, though you'd need two cables to have both your external drive connected and to mirror to the larger iMacs at the same time. 

SD Cards

  • Video files add up fast, so the larger the storage amount, the better. We recommend at a minimum, a 32 GB sized card.
  • Elon Television Equipment will issue your iMedia camera equipment but does not provide the storage medium. You will need a SD Card card to store the files from the Cannon dslr camera that you’ll be using.
  • Class 10 cards are the latest and fastest transfer protocol available, so we encourage purchasing a card that is a class 10 card.

Webhosting/Domain Registration

o You will need webhosting and domain registration, usually found as a package deal from hosting companies, to host your portfolios, websites, and any other work you may wish to have online.

o Web hosting services are numerous and there are many, many options and flavors to consider. To help expand on the issues, please visit the Hosting/FTP Overview page on the imedia wiki.

o You don't need to stress about having this right away. You will learn more about this during Bootcamp.

       Hosting/FTP Overview